Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Two Knights Review by Sir Julius on Can We Play Again? By Corine Dehghanpisheh

Sir Julius's Review:
 Four Stars!

I liked this story. It taught me that if I feel sad that it is okay to talk to someone about it. Sometimes I miss my dad when he goes to work too. I was happy that the girl didn't feel sad anymore and that she played with with her dog again. I was starting to feel really bad for him.

Mom's Thoughts:

I really like to find unique stories for kids, and this is one of them. This book could be a great resource for a child that is in therapy, and perhaps feeling awkward about his or her situation. However, it is also a valuable lesson for other children, who may not need therapy, to be sensitive to what their peers may be going through. Overall, I think the author did a great job creating a story on a child's level that promotes compassion and understanding. Well done, Corine! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Two Knights Review by Sir Julius on Clothes Have Feelings Too. Charlie Learns To Care For His Things by Ari Mazor

Clothes Have Feelings Too. Charlie Learns to Care for His Things 
By Ari Mazor

Sir Julius's Review:

I really like this book and would read it again. The best part was when the clothes wanted to hide on Charlie. I liked that the clothes could talk. This story taught me that it is good to take care of my dirty clothes. 

Mom's Thoughts:

This is the second book that we've read by Ari and the author has picked some great life lessons to touch upon.  I know this author is younger, but to me that is an advantage in their favor. Ari is able to get down to a child's level and make the story appealing. Any story that can encourage my children to pick up their dirty clothes is a winner. The illustrations were colorful and appealing. Well done again, Ari!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Two Knights Review by Sir Isaiah on Face to Face with Leopards by Dereck and Beverly Joubert

Face to Face With Leopards 
By Dereck and Beverly Joubert

Sir Isaiah's Review:

I love big cats and this book was very cool. Mr. and Mrs. Joubert are brave. I would be afraid to be attacked. I hope someday I will be able to hold a baby leopard. While reading this book I learned some amazing facts about leopards. 1) A leopard uses its spots to camouflage themselves. That's when an animal can blend in with its environment. 2) Most leopards avoid humans, but they will attack too protect themselves. 3) Leopards prey on antelope and deer. 4) Leopards are great climbers and swimmers. The swimming part surprised me. I didn't think cats liked water. 5) Leopards can be found in a lot of places. Asia, Africa, and even in Russia. They don't have to live where it is hot all the time. 
I really liked this book. If you want to learn more about leopards then you should definitely check this book out.

Mom's Thoughts:

Isaiah really picked out a great book this time! What an amazing experience for the Jouberts and we learned a lot about these incredible cats. It pleases me when explorers or scientist respect nature when doing their research, and my favorite part was when Mr. Joubert tried to mimic mom's hiss to discourage the baby from jumping into their jeep.  Another important aspect of this story to me was the message of awareness and the decline in the number of leopards that are left. We need to take care of our planet...including the animals. Leopards are beautiful creatures and I thoroughly enjoyed this story.